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The Story: Two women in a devoted long term relationship find themselves at a crossroads, where each has different questions surrounding passion, trust and commitment. A band of mystical witches summon them to a gathering, to challenge their belief systems through the exploration of the erotic arts. The couple is faced with navigating unknown territories, and the ultimate test for the survival of their relationship. Luna Fest is told through a female perspective using rap, song and spoken word.


Directed by Broadway Producer Jenn Maley of Indecent, Maley states that “Luna Fest is important right now because it gives us a chance to see women and queer bodies on stage." 


That's right -- Luna Fest is an all female cast and creative team! When was the last time that you saw a stage filled with women and witches not only rapping, but singing openly about sex, relationships, and jealousy? No matter what your gender, sexuality or background may be, my hope is that you will find something of yourself in these characters.

Luna Fest is proud to be included in the 2017 New York New Works Festival, as well as the 2017 My True Colors Festival in Brooklyn.

Luna Fest


We are running a fundraising campaign to spread the word about Luna Fest! Supporting us can mean many different things: it can be telling a friend about it, reacting to a Facebook post, or reposting a ticket or video link. 


It can also mean supporting us by making a contribution and/or boosting our ticket sales by coming to see the show! 

We've been so blessed to be a part of a number of festivals in New York this year and would love to see you at our next performance!



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